Crism Modpacks



Beware: This is a pre-release. Here be dragons!
Fabric version: Fabric-0.14.24
Update overview:
~ Added several new Origins.
~ Changes to worldgen.
~ Greatly improved FPS in areas with many particles.
~ Improved server performance.
~ Switched to use a fork of 'Create Fabric' that supports never versions of Sodium.
~ Compatibility between 'Simply Swords' and several mods.
~ Improved health and armor bar visualization.
~ Fixed vegetation from 'Regions Unexplored' not playing nicely with the shaders.
~ Updated all mods to their latest version.
~ And more...
Mods added:
+ MoreCulling [Client] [MR]
+ DEUF Refabricated
+ TooManyOrigins
+ Alternate Origin GUI [Client]
+ Knaves' Needs
+ Overflowing Bars [Client]
+ Inv View [Server]
+ Better chunk loading [Server]
+ Limited Chunkloading - Chunk cleanup [Server]
+ Variant Shields
+ Jade Addons
+ Create Fabric Sodium Fix [MR]
+ Incendium
+ Tectonic
+ SuperBetterGrass [Client]
Mods re-enabled:
+ Raised
Resource Packs added:
+ Incendium Optional Resourcepack [MR]
Data Packs added:
+ Disable TieredZ Max Health
+ TooManyOrigins - Disable Withered [Server]
+ Disable Incendium Toxic Heap Biome
Mods removed:
- Health Overlay (Replaced by 'Overflowing Bars')
- Detail Armor Bar (Replaced by 'Overflowing Bars')
- lazy-language-loader (Incompatibility with 'FancyMenu' causes custom menus to not render after changing language)
- Lan Server Properties
- Amplified Nether
- Terralith
- Very Many Players
Mods disabled:
- Create Fabric (Replaced by 'Create Fabric Sodium Fix' until the issues with Sodium gets fixed in the original mod)
Resource Packs updated:
> Eclectic Trove
Mods updated:
> AttributeFix
> Better Combat
> BlossomTpa
> Bookshelf
> Better Recipe Books
> Chat Heads
> Cherished Worlds
> Collective
> Combat Roll
> Compact Help Command
> Continuity
> Cristel Lib
> Cupboard
> Dark Paintings
> Eating Animation
> Elytra Physics
> Elytra Trims
> Entity Model Features
> Entity Texture Features
> Fabric Language Kotlin
> Fabric Waystones
> Falling Leaves
> FancyMenu
> FerriteCore
> Furnace Recycle
> Goblin Traders
> Harvest with ease
> Hephaestus Fabric
> ImmediatelyFast
> Inventory Profiles Next
> Iris Shaders
> Jade 🔍
> Konkrete
> Let Me Despawn
> libIPN
> MCPitanLib
> MmmMmmMmmMmm
> ModernFix
> MVS - Moog's Voyager Structures
> Neruina - Ticking Entity Fixer
> Nether Portal Spread
> Open Parties and Claims
> OptiGUI
> Polymorph
> Puzzles Lib
> Raised
> Recall Staffs
> Regions Unexplored
> Resource Pack Overrides
> Roughly Enough Items
> Roughly Enough Professions
> Philip's Ruins
> Searchables
> Moonlight Lib
> ServerCore
> Simple Discord RPC
> Simple Voice Chat
> Simply Swords
> Smooth Chunk Save
> Starter Kit
> Starter Structure
> Structory: Towers
> SuperMartijn642's Config Lib
> Towns and Towers
> Xaero's Minimap (Fair-play Edition)
> Xaero's World Map
> YetAnotherConfigLib
> YUNG's Better Jungle Temples
> YUNG's Better Nether Fortresses
> Bobby
> Indium
> Sodium
> Sodium Extra
Config Changes:
= Enabled "opt_out_updater" (fixes an error message when starting a server): [Debugify], [Both]
= Moved toughness bar to the left side: [Overflowing Bars], [Client]
= Shifted the cooldown bar up by 1: [Origins], [Client]
= The RAM allocation guide now links to a new page on our wiki: [Memory Settings], [Client]
= Enabled underwater fog modification: [Simple Fog], [Client]
= Disabled "can_players_toggle_global_mode": [Fabric Waystones], [Both]
= Disabled better snow: [SuperBetterGrass], [Client]
= Enabled the "dynamic" feature to help with server performance: [ServerCore], [Server]


Beware: This is a pre-release. Here be dragons!
Fabric version: Fabric-0.14.22
Update overview:
~ Overhauled Overworld and Nether terrain generation (Yes, again).
~ Fixed issue causing the server to crash on startup.
~ Fixed server issue preventing players from joining. []
~ Fixed vegetation in certain biomes being orange.
~ Updated all mods to their latest version.
Mods added:
+ Terrablender
+ Regions Unexplored
Mods re-enabled:
+ Moonlight Lib
+ MmmMmmMmmMmm
Mod side changes:
= Prism [Both --> Client]
= Recipe Book Delight [Client --> Both]
Mods removed:
- Tectonic
- Better Nether
Mods updated:
> Amplified Nether
> AppleSkin
> Balm
> Bookshelf
> Bygone Nether
> Chat Heads
> Collective
> Colorful Hearts
> Combat Roll
> Enchantment Descriptions
> Entity Model Features
> Entity Culling
> ImmediatelyFast
> Jade 🔍
> LiLaC
> ModernFix
> Name Pain
> Neruina - Ticking Entity Fixer
> Redirector
> Roughly Enough Items
> Philip's Ruins
> Moonlight Lib
> Simple Voice Chat
> Structory: Towers
> Terralith
> Very Many Players
> YetAnotherConfigLib
> YUNG's Better Desert Temples
> YUNG's Better Dungeons
> YUNG's Better Jungle Temples
> YUNG's Better Mineshafts
> YUNG's Better Nether Fortresses
> YUNG's Better Ocean Monuments
> YUNG's Better Strongholds
> YUNG's Better Witch Huts
Config Changes:
= Disabled "forceBetterXPreset": [BCLib], [Both]
= Disabled a bunch of subjectively ugly biomes: [Regions Unexplored], [Both]
= Disabled terrain & underwater fog modification: [Simple Fog Control], [Client]
= Now overrides the colormap of grass. Making it no longer turn orange in certain biomes: [Insomnia Textures], [Client]
= Now overrides the birch_leaves texture with the vanilla one. Making them no longer appear orange: [Insomnia Textures], [Client]
= Disabled custom dirt blocks: [Regions Unexplored], [Both]
= Changed "invulTime" from 600 to 1000: [Login Protection], [Both]


Beware: This is a pre-release. Here be dragons!
Fabric version: Fabric-0.14.22
Update overview:
~ Revamped Nether terrain generation to make it more interesting and hopefully less laggy.
~ Overworld terrain now generates in a more epic fasion.
~ Replaced logo with the new one.
~ Client now points to the new Insomnia2 server.
~ Fixed a bunch of GUI related texture issues.
~ Fixed flickering of block entities.
~ Fixed bed textures being bugged.
~ Fixed Cherry Leaves not respecting 'NoBushyLeaves'.
~ Removed the numbers in the hotbar texture.
~ Added a bunch of new structure mods.
~ Replaced 'Towers of the Wild' with 'Structory: Towers'.
~ Disabled generation of vanilla villages.
~ Item tooltips now appear cleaner in how they represent information.
~ Minor changes to the Discord RPC integration.
~ Greatly improved the death screens of both Multiplayer & Singleplayer.
~ Nether fog is now corralated with the render distance.
~ Added variations of the "Orb of Origin" item that can be found/crafted.
Mods added:
+ Desired Servers [Client]
+ Structure Essentials
+ ImmediatelyFast
+ Better Archeology
+ Goblin Traders
+ Framework [Dependency of 'Goblin Traders']
+ MVS - Moog's Voyager Structures
+ Structory: Towers
+ The Lost Castle
+ Tidal Towns
+ Philip's Ruins
+ Village Nullifier
+ Better Trim Tooltips [Client]
+ Clean Tooltips [Client]
+ Elytra Trims
+ Recipe Book Delight [Client]
+ YUNG's Better Desert Temples
+ YUNG's Better Dungeons
+ YUNG's Better Jungle Temples
+ YUNG's Better Mineshafts
+ YUNG's Better Nether Fortresses
+ YUNG's Better Ocean Monuments
+ YUNG's Better Strongholds
+ YUNG's Better Witch Huts
+ LiLaC [New dependency of 'OptiGUI']
+ Amplified Nether
+ Better Nether
+ Regrowth
+ Moog's End Structures
+ ModernFix
+ Redirector
+ Easy Anvils
+ Emojiful [Client]
+ Lithium [CF]
+ Explorer's Compass
+ Nature's Compass
+ Simple Fog Control [Client]
+ Orb of Origin Rework
+ Ding [Client]
+ Bygone Nether
+ Tectonic
Mods re-enabled:
+ Create Support for Open Parties and Claims
+ Traveler's Titles [Client]
+ Companion 🐕
Resource/Shader Packs added:
+ GUI Reimagined Edit
Mods removed:
- Enhanced Block Entities (Incompatibility with Create's "Flywheel" causes block entities to flicker)
- Connectivity (Causes crash on startup)
- Better Beds (Causes the bed texture to render incorrectly)
- Show Me What You Got (Doesn't work correctly due to some incompatibility)
- Towers of the Wild: Additions
- Incendium (Replaced with 'Amplified Nether' & 'BetterNether')
- Lithium [MR]
- Durability Tooltip (Unneeded and causes the durability information to appear twice)
Mods disabled:
- MmmMmmMmmMmm
- Moonlight Lib
- Starlight (Incompatibility with 'Create':
Resource Packs removed:
- GUI Reimagined
Data Packs removed:
- Towers of the Wild: Reworked
Resource Packs updated:
> NoBushyLeaves
> Tissou's Zombie Pack
Mods updated:
> Balm
> BisectHosting Server Integration Menu
> Blockus
> Bookshelf
> Branded Logs
> Cherished Worlds
> Clickable advancements
> Client Tweaks
> Cristel Lib
> Cupboard
> Dusk
> Enchantment Descriptions
> Entity Model Features
> Exordium
> Fabric API
> Falling Leaves
> FancyMenu
> Guard Villagers
> Hephaestus Fabric [Still disabled]
> ImmediatelyFast
> Jade 🔍
> LambDynamicLights
> MmmMmmMmmMmm (Target Dummy)
> Mod Menu
> Moonlight Lib
> More Axolotl Variants API
> OptiGUI
> Roughly Enough Items
> Smooth Chunk Save
> Styled Chat
> Traveler's Titles
> Village Nullifier
> Xaero's World Map
> owo-lib
> spark
Config Changes:
= Replaced logo on the title screen with the new one: [Client], [FancyMenu]
= Replaced window icons with new ones: [Client], [FancyMenu]
= Changed "Official Server" button so it points to the new Insomnia2 server: [Client], [FancyMenu]
= Configured mod with the Insomnia2 official server address: [Client], [Desired Servers]
= Now just says "In %world%" instead of "Currently in %world%": [Simple Discord RPC], [Client]
= Now overwrites the description when in the Overworld to say "In the Overworld": [Simple Discord RPC], [Client]
= Replaced largeImageKey with the new logo GIF: [Simple Discord RPC], [Client]
= Moved the sorting buttons for the crafting_station, dispenser, cooking_pot and creative GUI's: [Inventory Profiles Next], [Client]
= Changed pack_id to match that of the new 1.20.1 version: [BHMenu], [Client]
= "Need a server?" button now opens the BHMenu screen: [FancyMenu], [Client]
= Enabled "applyPatches": [BCLib], [Both]
= Disabled "updateNotification": [Xaero's Minimap], [Client]
= Greatly improved the death screens of both Multiplayer & Singleplayer as well as seperating them into their own layouts (Too lazy to list individual changes): [FancyMenu], [Client]
= Made the hardcore death screen title bold and red: [Insomnia Lang], [Client]
= Disabled "customFogRendering": [BCLib], [Client]


Beware: This is a pre-release. Here be dragons!
Fabric version: Fabric-0.14.22
Update overview:
~ Reverted to Fabric modloader due to issues with uploading to CurseForge. (This issue has been forwarded to the CF support team)
Mods added:
+ YetAnotherConfigLib [New dependency]
+ Iris [CF]
Mods removed:
- Quilted Fabric API
- LambdaBetterGrass
- Iris [MR]
Mods updated:
> Cupboard
> Memory Leak Fix
> Moonlight Lib
> Simple Voice Chat
> Very Many Players
> Zoomify
Config Changes:
= The gamerule "keepInventory" is now being set to "true" on startup: [Insomnia Respawn], [Server]
= Removed the giving of recall-potions upon respawning: [Insomnia Respawn], [Server]


Changes are in comparison to version 1.18.2-1.4.0.
Beware: This is a pre-release. Here be dragons!
Quilt version: Quilt-0.20.1
Update overview:
~ Migration to 1.20.1
~ Switched to the 'Quilt' modloader.
~ Removed/disabled mods that are either unavailable or incompatible.
~ 'Recall Potions' has been replaced by 'Recall Staffs'.
~ Half of the 'Bone Broth' food items have been replaced with 'Mixed Salad' to make it more fair towards vegetarian origins.
~ Overhauled the look of the Discord rich presense integration.
Mods added:
+ Entity Model Features [Client]
+ Colorful Hearts [Client]
+ Improved Stations Updated
+ Model Gap Fix [Client]
+ Show Me What You Got [Replacement for 'ItemFlexer']
+ Leaves Be Gone [Replacement for 'Leaf Decay']
+ Lithium [MR]
+ Branded Logs
+ Memory Leak Fix [MR]
+ Mod Menu [Client] [MR]
+ Status Effect Bars [Client]
+ CraterLib [New dependency]
+ Cupboard [New dependency]
+ LibZ [New dependency]
+ Searchables [Client] [New dependency]
+ Moonlight Lib [New dependency]
+ oωo [New dependency]
+ BlossomTpa [Server] [Replacement for 'FabricTPA'] [MR]
+ BlossomLib [MR]
+ InvMove [MR]
+ True Darkness Fork [Client]
+ Recall Staffs
+ Crafting Manipulator
Resource/Shader Packs added:
+ Fresh Animations
+ Fresh Animations Extensions
Mods removed:
- Advancements Debug
- Better Biome Blend
- Bygone Nether
- Cloth API
- Custom Entity Models Fork
- Custom Entity Models
- Data Attributes
- Decorative Blocks
- Dense Ores: Refabricated
- Dimension Fix (Some Forge Patches Ported)
- Droplight
- Erroring Entity Remover
- Feature NBT Deadlock Be Gone
- Forgotten Recipes
- Goblin Traders
- Health Overlay
- I Know What I'm Doing
- Illuminations 🔥
- Improved Stations
- Ingredient Extension API
- InvMoveCompats
- It Takes a Pillage
- Item Model Fix
- ItemFlexer
- Leaf Decay
- Lithium [CF]
- Log More Info
- Memory Leak Fix [CF]
- Mining Dimensions
- Mo' Structures
- Mod Menu [CF]
- Nears
- No Mob Farms
- Phantom Config
- Create Support for Open Parties and Claims
- Pling
- Prefab
- Recall Potion Backport
- Red Bits
- Save Gear on Death
- Status Effect Timer
- Stoneholm, Underground Villages
- ThonkUtil
- Unfixed Seeds
- Carpet
- InvMove [CF]
- True Darkness
- Basic Shields Fork
- Fabric Shield Lib
- Fabric API
Mods disabled:
- Charm
- Damage Tilt
- PlayerEx
- Traveler's Titles
- Villagers Respawn
- ImmediatelyFast (Incompatible with 'MemoryLeakFix')
- Companion 🐕 (Incompatible with Quilt???)
- Hephaestus Fabric (Crashes on startup)
Resource Packs removed:
- Fresh Animations CEM fork
Config Changes:
= Removed 'mp_fix' customization, since it is no longer needed: [FancyMenu], [Client]
= Changed Discord RPC to use its own "Insomnia: Hardcore" application: [Simple Discord RPC], [Client]
= Disabled BetterX startup message: [BCLib], [Client]
= Fixed load order of Resource Packs: [Resource Pack Overrides], [Client]
= Made 'NoBushyLeaves' optional: [Resource Pack Overrides], [Client]
= Made 'Tissou's Zombie Pack' optional: [Resource Pack Overrides], [Client]
= Fixed villager texture override to now use textures from the official 'Fresh Animations' resourcepack instead of the fork: [Insomnia Textures], [Client]
= Replaced LargeImageKey with its GIF variant: [Simple Discord RPC], [Client]
= Fixed config to match behavior in 1.18 version of the modpack: [Zoomify], [Client]
= Disabled button_update_badge: [Mod Menu], [Client]
= Replaced 'recallpotion' item with 'recallstaffs:iron_recall_staff': [Starter Kit | Starter Items] , [Client | Server]
= Replaced half of the bone_broth with mixed_salad, to have something for both vegetarian and carnivore origins: [Starter Kit | Starter Items] , [Client | Server]
= Removed the book that explains the recall potion: [Starter Kit | Starter Items] , [Client | Server]
= Set "render_item_model" to "none". This is to fix an incompatibility with 'Sodium': [Legendary Tooltips], [Client]
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