Crism Modpacks

Getting Started Guide

(This page is pretty outdated and lacks information. Will fix at some point I swear!)

Revive System

When you die on this modpack you don't respawn. Rather, when you get killed you enter a downed state in which your friends will be able to revive you. But it isn't as simple as just getting to the dead person and reviving them. You first have to brew a Potion of Revivify, which allows you to do just that when used.
Each player is given one of the standard Potion of Revivify as part of the starting kit.
Right clicking the dead players body with the potion in your hand will revive them.
The potion can be brewed like this:
Credit for the image to the Revive mod CurseForge page.
The standard version of the potion can be brewed with Mundane Potions and a Golden Apple. There is also a better version which can be brewed by adding a revival star (which can be traded from a Cleric Villager), into Potions of Regeneration lvl2.
Note that once you click the "Accept your fate" button you can no longer be revived by players and would then have to wait for a server wide respawn event. See Respawn System for more info about that.

Respawn System

Let's say noone is able to come and rescue you, what then? Normally when you die in hardcore you die for good but with this modpack there is still a chance for you to get back to life.
On the server side of things there is a custom datapack that allows for respawning all dead players regardless of them being online or offline. It does this by adding a function which server owners will then be able to execute however they see fit. How this is implemimplemented is entirely up to the server owners.
/function insomniarespawn:respawn
An example could be to setup a schedule that executes the command at an interval like once every day/week. This is possible with most hosting providers.
An example of a schedule that respawns all players every Monday and Friday at 17:00 using a Pterodactyl Panel.
In the future we'd like to streamline this functionality so that you don't have to use an external scheduler.